The Fabulous Sunsets of Ceylon.

My art work for 2015 came to a sudden stall with my pregnancy. Oil paints being the main media, its smell became unbearable; and I really was not in a mood to pick up a new medium.

In may I had to come down to Sri Lank for a family wedding.The first 2 weeks I spent in hotel rooms that were over looking the colombo beach, so the brilliant sunsets were practically unavoidable. I took a few pictures of them hoping to put them on Amaaras  home school book once we got back.

However the following week after coming across a box of water colours I decided to give it a try and paint few of the brilliant sunsets I had captured on camera, and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed going back to medium I had used extensively during my school years.

photo 1                                                 photo 2


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