Chinese brush painting


This weekend I conducted a Chinese brush painting class for scholarship students at my daughters school. As it was their first attempt, they too started off with one of the simplistic lessons “cherry blossoms”.

Teaching them each brush stroke, mixing colours and getting right consistencies so it is applicable to rice paper, to holding the brush upright and using precise movement to make marks made me reflect on the significance, and the therapy that comes with Chinese brush painting unlike in no other painting technique. I promised my self to take up more of it in the coming weeks.


One big question from the girls who took partin the work shop was from where they could buy the right materials for brush painting. The brushes inks they had bought thru guess work and via recommendations from the art shop simply did not work; and ended up using the materials I supplied.

Where do I buy my materials? Well most of it was bought from Bugis in Singapore, some at the Insaodng market in Seoul and few from Tokyo. Ok, I understand not everyone can drop in to a craft market in Asia. Therefore I’m going to list the basic materials that you will need to do cherry blossom painting below.


  1. Chinese sable brush medium
  2. Chinese goat brush small
  3. Rice paper
  4. Chinese/Indian black ink
  5. Water colours

All these are available AT JACKSONS ART SUPPLIES  and will be delivered to your door. All the necessary items can be obtained under £50 if you stick the bare minimum and considering you don’t have to order water colours as you already have them. Click on link to go the website( )

Replacing the materials with the traditional watercolour brushes or cartridge paper … ? Well all I can say is the end result incomparable to an attempt with the actual materials.

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